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Salesforce for Outlook Side Panel keeps on refreshing in Outlook New message and Reply window

Knowledge Article Number 000230363
Description ISSUE

When Side Panel loads in the main Outlook window it loads correctly without any issues but when user opens a new message window or clicks on Reply to an email message in their inbox the Side Panel keeps on refreshing and reloading the content.

Its refreshing with or without an email address in the TO field. The refresh is constant and every second or two and does not allow the user to do anything in the Side Panel


to resolve this issue,

1- first close SFO from the System tray by clicking on the SFO icon and clicking on Exit.
2- Next exit Outlook
3- Now click on Start and type in Outlook.exe and you should see the icon show up on the list of programs, simply add the  /cleanreminders switch at the end
You can also try to copy paste this: outlook.exe /cleanreminders

* in some cases you may need to type in the full path for the Outlook.exe file. Usually it is in the Program Files folder

Path to Outlook.exe file

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\   OR   C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\

There should be a OfficeXX (xx is a number indicating the version of Office - Office15 folder is for Office 2013, Office14 for Office 2010, and Office12 for Office 2007)

Example: if you have Office 2013 installed then your path should be something like this

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office15\OUTLOOK.EXE


4- Once Outlook opens up try to reproduce the issue, the issue should be resolved
You can also try to run Outlook using the /resetfolders switch first then exit Outlook and next run it using the  /cleanreminders switch

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