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BEST PRACTICES: Use Data to Drive Performance and Business Growth

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Use Data to Drive Performance and Business Growth

Dashboards_buttonNow that you've organized your key performance metrics in a well-designed dashboard, you're ready to align your teams, manage what you measure, motivate your sellers and move the needle forward. Use the following tips, videos and articles to learn how to use your dashboards to increase sales, boost productivity, and improve results.


Step 1Manage Your Meetings Using Dashboards (See: 9 Principles of Killer Dashboards)

Use your Salesforce dashboards and reports as topics during your meetings. If the intent of your dashboard is to drive performance and affect behavior, it is important to fight the urge to fill up all of the available component slots and avoid putting every metric on your dashboard. Instead, specialize each dashboard around a specific topic or campaign and ask, "How can I simplify this dashboard?" not "What else can fit on here?"  These dashboards provide convenient score cards for how a team is performing at any given moment and allows them to adjust their strategy accordingly.

While each team can benefit from having their own dashboard, it is critical to have one single dashboard that your sales and marketing teams agree on as your primary revenue creation tracker. Use consistent metrics agreed to by all teams to stay aligned across your entire revenue creation operation. Using this one dashboard, you can setup a dashboard to “run as logged-in user” so that the data in the dashboard adjusts based on which user is viewing it or change the running user during a meeting for each role or team that's represented.  Click here for tips on how to run your meeting using dashboards from the Answers forum of the Success Community. As one customer recommended, stay focused on discussing 1-2 goals, such as "Did we hit our weekly goal?" or "Are we on track to reach our annual goal?' 

Step 2 ButtonSchedule Reports and Dashboard Refreshes (See: 5 Ways You Can Use Analytics to Drive Winning Behavior)

Even with dashboards available to your teams all day, it’s a constant struggle to help everyone stay aware of where they’re at and what they need to do in their remaining time to accomplish their goals. Try scheduling a refresh of your operational dashboard or one of your activity-based reports (i.e. web-demos set by rep today) to be sent out from Salesforce by email each day during the middle of the day. The middle of the day allows some time for activities to show up and for enough time on the back end for reps to increase their activity to hit their goal. Also see: Taking Advantage of Dynamic Dashboards

Step 3 ButtonShare it - Socialize Dashboards Using Chatter

Share your dashboards by posting snapshots on Chatter and turn your dashboards into collaboration engines. Great dashboards are the center of collaboration for the entire sales and marketing team. People can ‘follow’ a metric or an activity, share it with other team members, comment on it or open a conversation around it. This may sound like a bell or a whistle — but in reality, it’s hugely powerful. Using your dashboards as active collaboration platforms allows you to share information faster, facilitate communicate around results more easily, and quickly gather feedback to iterate and make adjustments on the fly.

Step 4 buttonIterate, Iterate, Iterate...(See: 9 Principles of Killer Dashboards)

A great dashboard is never perfect in its first iteration. Design your dashboard, share it, live with it for a while, get feedback from people using it (now is the best time to ask, "What is missing from my dashboard?"), and improve it over and over again. Your dashboard should be a living platform that is continually evolving and changing to better suite the needs of its users. Over time, iteration will improve the functionality of your dashboards and ensure everyone has a dashboard experience they really want and can't live without. If you can't easily create a dashboard, take advantage of the free, downloadable Sample CRM Dashboards available in the Salesforce AppExchange. There are several versions available for various sales and marketing roles, i.e., Marketing Executive Dashboard, Sales Executive Dashboard, Sales Manager Dashboard, Customer Service Dashboards and more.


Resources Button Best Practices, Tools and Tip Sheets for Sales Leaders

Video Player Button Recorded VideosHere are a few highlights from Dreamforce with top thought leaders sharing valuable advice on how to effectively run your teams and hit your sales goals by using analytics.
  • "How Salesforce Uses Salesforce to Drive Productivity(Published 2013): Learn how Salesforce manages its internal Sales group (from bottom up and top down) and drives productivity with out-of-the-box and custom Salesforce functionalities. Click here for more "How Salesforce Uses Salesforce" videos.
  • "How to Use Sales Metrics to Drive Performance" (Published 2015): Discover how sales managers use data to improve their team's performance and how to apply metrics effectively to sales coaching techniques. Learn how which metrics are vital, which are misleading and which can help you hone in on the results you want to achieve.
  • "Beyond the Pipeline Report: Producing Successful Sellers" (Published 2015): Pipeline and Activity reports can show what your sellers are doing, but how do you use reports and dashboards to motivate your Sales team into producing more sales revenue? Watch this video to learn how to effectively execute your sales strategy using these tools.

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