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Time Based Workflow deployment fails

Knowledge Article Number 000230441
Description When trying to deploy time-based workflow rule using change set or IDE tools, it fails with the following message:

This workflow rule currently has pending actions in the workflow queue. To delete, please remove those pending actions

Go to monitor - Time-based workflow and there is no pending actions.
Resolution The error message is incorrect, though the failure is expected.

As per documentation: 
Considerations for Time-Dependent Actions and Time Triggers
You also can’t add or remove time triggers if: 
The workflow rule is active. 

This is usually caused by the following:
1. the workflow rule was active in the source org when it was added to the change set
2. the workflow rule is active in the destination org when trying to validate/deploy.

To resolve the issue:
1. make sure the workflow rule is deactivated in the source org
2. add it to a new change set, then upload to the destination org. 
3. make sure the workflow rule is inactive in the destination org
4. validate/deploy as needed


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