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Unable to add users to approve a Marketing Cloud Campaign

Knowledge Article Number 000230485
When you try to add additional users to your Campaign as approvers, but you don't have the ability to add them. This is because you'll need permissions to add or remove users from a Workflow Campaign by the Administrator of your Marketing Cloud account.

Enable Add/Remove Users

1. In Marketing Cloud, hover over your username in the upper left-hand corner and click Administration.
2. Click Account | Users.
3. Select the checkbox next to the User who needs the permission to add/remove users from the Campaign.
4. Click Manage Roles | Edit Permissions.
5. Expand the plus sign next to Workflows and Approvals | Workflow Teams.
6. Next to "Add/Remove Users," click the Allow checkbox.
7. Click Save.

Note: If you're the Administrator and are updating your own username to add this permission, log out and log back in for the updates to take effect.

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