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Images are broken in the Predictive Content Email Display

Knowledge Article Number 000230522
Learn why some images are broken and only show the broken image icon in a preview of a Predictive Content Email display. 

Verify the image URL

To resolve the issue, verify that the image URL for the image of the product is correct by following these instructions: 

1. Log in to the Marketing Cloud.
2. Hover over the toolbar, and then click Email | Predictive Email.
3. Click Reporting | Admin Tools.
4. In the "Item Type" menu, select Product.
5. In the "Search by" field, select either Product Code or SKU.
6. Input Product Code or SKU in the search box, depending on which way you are searching.
7. On the correct product that is returned by the search parameters, click either the Product Code or SKU hyperlink.
8. Verify that the "ImageLink" field has the appropriate URL for the image.

If the Image URL is not correct - Upload a new version of your catalog file to update to the correct URL.

If the Image URL is correct - Refresh your display to force a refresh of all of the cached images from the ImageLink URL so they are up to date. Here's how: 

1. Click Overview in the top toolbar of the Predictive Email application.
2. Select Displays in the left hand navigation.
3. Click the gear icon to the right of the appropriate content display.
4. Select Publish Display.


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