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Using Lightning For Outlook with another org

Knowledge Article Number 000230532
Resolution In order to switch your Salesforce org and use your Lightning For Outlook  (LFO) with a new or different org, you first need to disconnect your username in the first org then log out and start over from Outlook.

Please follow the steps below to make this switch

- First login to your existing Salesforce org that you have LFO connected to
- Navigate to
Administration Setup | Lightning for Outlook | Settings
Under Lightning For Outlook User Mapping, click on Disconnect for your username

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- Next log out and log back into your Outlook and select an email to load the Salesforce button on top of the email body and click on it
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- The App will prompt you login to your new org
. Simply click on the Log in to Salesforce blue button
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- A new page will load and prompt you to login to your new org. You need to enter your credential and login and you will get the confirmation that Lightning for outlook is connecting to your specified org, go ahead and click on Continue 

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- Your account should be connected now, simply click on Got it 

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* If clicking on the blue Log in to Salesforce button does not open the page you can apply the IE optimal settings article and try again


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