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Description Field on Notes (Notes & Attachments) is not visible on printable view.

Knowledge Article Number 000230535
Description Description field on Notes (Notes & Attachments) not showing on "Printable View".
Resolution Please find the steps to make description field visible on printable view:
  1. Click on object tab > open any record.
  2. On Notes and Attachment related list section > Click on new note button.
  3. Give the details on Title and Body field >save it.
  4. Click on printable view and check on related list > you will be able to view the information given within the description field.

If you have Enabled the Notes settings, then you will be able to view the description field on printable view however you will not see any content within the field. If you wish to view the information mentioned within the description field, you may disable the notes settings. Below are the steps to disable the Notes Settings:
  1. Click on Setup
  2. Click on Customize > Notes > Settings > uncheck the enabled notes box > save it.

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