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Disconnect a Social Studio account from a Marketing Cloud account

Knowledge Article Number 000230558
When Social Studio credentials are used to log into the Social Studio app within a Marketing Cloud account, it establishes a connection with those Social Studio credentials and the Marketing Cloud credentials. Social Studio Users and Marketing Cloud Users connect on a 1 to 1 basis. When that Marketing Cloud User logs in and navigates to the Social Studio app, the Social Studio credentials will be remembered and that User will be logged in automatically.

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Connect your Marketing Cloud User to a different Social Studio User

To accomplish this, you'll need to first disconnect the Social Studio User from the Marketing Cloud User. To break the link, follow these steps:

1. While logged into the Marketing Cloud, navigate to Social Studio and allow the account to load.
2. Within the Social Studio window, click menu in the top-right corner, and then go to "My Settings."
3. Under "My Settings," select Applications (Appears as a Marketing Cloud as an authorized application).
4. Click Revoke Access. You'll receive a confirmation banner that access has been revoked.
5. In the Social Studio window, log out of Social Studio.
6. In the Marketing Cloud, navigate to another application such as Email, or just log out.

The next time you navigate to the Social Studio app within the Marketing Cloud, you'll be prompted to enter Social Studio credentials to associate to the Marketing Cloud User you're logged in with.

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