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Create a User Licenses custom report

Knowledge Article Number 000230587

Here's how to create a custom report to display licenses used by each User in your organization:


 1. Click Setup.
 2. Under "Build," click Create | select Report Type.
 3. Click New Custom Report Type.
 4. In the "Primary Object" field, select Users.
 5. Enter a name, label, description, and category for your new report.
 6. Select a deployment status.
 7. Click Next, then click Save.
 8. Click Edit Layout.
 9. Under "View," click Add fields related via lookup.
10. Click Profile.
11. Select User License, then click View related fields.
12. Select Name, Status, and Total Licenses, then click OK.
13. Click Save.
14. Click the Reports tab.
15. Click New Report.
16. Click the folder (category) you saved your report to, then select your new User Licenses Report.
17. Click Create
18. Under "Fields," drag and drop Profile: User License: Name to the report preview.
19. Click Run Report.

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