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Custom Feed Filters Are Not Displaying Posts

Knowledge Article Number 000230589

BACKGROUND:  Salesforce allows you to create Custom Feed Filters, by navigating to Setup>Customize>Cases>Feed Filters.  You are able to specify which items should appear in the feed when using that filter, such as case comments, text posts, link posts, etc.

ISSUE:  My Custom Feed Filter allows Case Comment Feeds, Text Posts, Link Posts, and Content Posts, with the visibility for all of them set to "All Users."  When posting a comment on a case, and using the Custom filter, my post disappears, but it is visible when I select the standard filter "Case Notes."


This typically happens because when using the standard "Post" publisher action, the default visibility is set to "Internal Only."  Setting this to "All Users With Access" before posting, will allow the post to come through in the feed filter (see screenshot below):

User-added image

In order to ensure that all posts come through regardless of this setting, ensure that you have two rows for each item in the filter, with the visibility of one set to "Internal Only" and the visibility of the other set to "All Users" (see screenshot below):

User-added image

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