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Unable to set a reminder to an existing activity record. Why is the reminder section greyed out?

Knowledge Article Number 000230600
Description There is an existing activity on a record but when trying to edit the activity, the reminder section is greyed out. How can this be corrected?
Resolution This happens for activities that are completed. The system does not allow for reminder on completed activity. 

To replicate this:

On any test record create an activity with completed status

1. Go to the particular record
2. Scroll down to Open activity section
3. Click on New Task
4. Populate the subject and choose status as completed
5. Save the Task

This action will return you to record detail page
1. Scroll down to Activity History section
2. Click on the subject hyperlink of the new task that you created
3. Click Edit
4. Scroll down and you will notice that Reminder section is greyed out

This is working as designed. The logic is that since the activity is completed no reminders are needed.

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