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"URL No Longer Exists" error from inline Visualforce page within a Page Layout

Knowledge Article Number 000230608
Description If you have included inline Visualforce pages in a Page Layout, you may be brought to a different page upon accessing a record or the record may not load at all. On this new page you will see an error message "URL No Longer Exists" and the URL of the page will contain "servlet/servlet.Integration".
Resolution There are two possible resolutions to this issue.

1) The issue occurs with standard headers. If your Visualforce page does not require headers then you can set the showHeader attribute to false which should resolve the issue:
<apex:page standardController="SObject" showHeader="false">

2) Salesforce previously added a feature called Clickjack Protection which protects your users from clickjacking attacks. While this feature is active it can cause the error message "URL No Longer Exists". To stop the error Clickjack Protection needs to be disabled:

       1. Click Setup.
       2. Under "Administer" click Security Controls | then click Session Settings
       3. Uncheck the boxes for Enable clickjack protection for customer Visualforce pages with standard headers

Please note: Disabling this option can create a security risk. Please consider using a different approach in your organization before doing this.

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