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Error observed when attempting to upload a change set consisting of reports and dashboards

Knowledge Article Number 000230618
Description You may get the following error from time to time when uploading a change set consisting of reports and dashboards :

Change set: Reports & Dashboards (04tK0000000XXXx) 
Organization: Test(Developer Pro Sandbox) (00DK000000XXXX0) 
User: Admin (005A0000001Xxxx) 
Error Number: 1752304181-42250 (461075304)

Resolution On the back end, this translates to a which means that one or more reports in the change sets are either Deleted 'OR' they are stored in another users personal folder.

In order to resolve this issue, kindly do the following:

1. Comb through the list of components (reports) to see whether you have access or not, if you do have access, the report would show up else you may receive the following error:

Insufficient Privileges
You do not have the level of access necessary to perform the operation you requested. Please contact the owner of the record or your administrator if access is necessary. For more information, see Insufficient Privileges Errors. 

2. Once you've identified the reports that you do not have access to, either reach out to your users to see if they have these reports in their "My Personal Custom Reports" Folder 


3.Upload the change set with out these reports, in this way you would no longer get the error during upload.

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