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Process Builder - Bulkification enhancement and Limits in Winter '16

Knowledge Article Number 000230637
Description Process Builder Bulkification and Limits since the Winter '16 Release.
Resolution With the Winter '16 Release we've made improvements to Process Builder to reduce the chances of hitting SOQL Limits when running your processes.

We've optimized the way we bulkify elements in processes to avoid as much as possible hitting existing platform limits.

You can read more about it in the Release Notes: Reduced Chances of Hitting SOQL Limits in Processes.

There is often a misunderstanding of what is causing most use cases to hit limits. The operation may be to create a bunch of records, but the queries associated are actually the main cause of limit errors. In such cases, you are hitting platform limits. At this point, Process Builder & Flow are as optimized and bulkified as possible. There's additional feedback from Product Management in the Idea: Bulkify Process Builder.

You can read more about the limits in Process Builder here: Process Limits.

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