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SUCCESS INSIGHTS: Marketing Cloud - Reporting in Social Studio - Workspace Content Reporting

Knowledge Article Number 000230647

Workspace Content Reporting allows for you to dive in to the performance of your Published content within a specific Workspace.

There are currently two types of Performance Reporting sections available.


​1. Summary Report - How the social accounts attached to the workspace are doing over the past seven days and cannot be customized. This report is a snapshot of the performance of your social accounts.

2. Post Report  A detailed report on all posts from the Social Accounts registered in the Workspace. These reports can be customized to review all or a combination of social accounts.


Summary Report for your Workspace (Best Practices)

The Summary report is a non-customizable overview of performance over the past seven days for that chosen workspace. It gives you a snapshot of recent performance broken down by Social Account.

To view the Summary, in the Publish Calendar view, click the Performance icon in the left toolbar. The Performance window opens, with the Summary displayed automatically. Bars on the graph show post volume, with the measurement metrics on the right. The blue circles indicate engagement, with the measurement metrics on the left. Hover over any circle to view engagement and post statistics for that day.

*** Note: The summary report cannot be modified and is intended to give a snapshot view of activity over the past week

Post Report for your Workspace (Workspace Content Performance)

On the Performance screen, under the Summary, you can select to export post reports.

You can define what Social Account you would like to report on, or you can select All Posts for a holistic view. The Social Accounts available are those associated to the respective Workspace.

*** Note: If you do not have a particular type of social account in your workspace, the corresponding report will not display on the Performance screen. Before exporting any of these reports, you can customize them to select specific social accounts and date ranges. You can also filter to show posts that have a specific post label or media types. Further customization options include configuration of the column settings.

Post Report for you Workspace- Best Practices
Post reports enable you to export data about any or all posts from your Social Accounts and other actions that have been taken on those post. A post report allows you to filter the date range, labels or specific media types. Segment these reports by specific media types or pull an All Post Report to see posts from all accounts in your Workspace. Pull post reports on a regular basis to see if your current strategy is effective.

Post Reports can be sorted by the following sort options (by Oldest to Newest or Smallest to Largest depending on the column):


 Type of Post ReportFacebookTwitterLinkedInGoogle+YouTubeInstagramAll Posts
DateFacebook IconTwiiter iconLinkedIn Icon Google+ Icon YouTube Icon Instagram iconFacebook Icon Twiiter icon LinkedIn Icon Google+ Icon YouTube IconInstagram icon
+1   Google+ Icon  Google+ Icon
Views    YouTube Icon  
Post ClicksFacebook Icon LinkedIn Icon   LinkedIn Icon Facebook Icon
The number of people who have seen the post.
(Available on the Facebook Post Report only)
Facebook Icon      
LikesFacebook Icon LinkedIn Icon YouTube Icon Instagram iconLinkedIn Icon Facebook Icon YouTube Icon Instagram icon
Dislikes    YouTube Icon  
SharesFacebook Icon     Facebook Icon 
Reshares   Google+ Icon   
CommentsFacebook Icon LinkedIn IconGoogle+ Icon YouTube IconInstagram iconLinkedIn Icon Facebook Icon Google+ Icon YouTube Icon Instagram icon
Retweets Twiiter icon    Twiiter icon 
Replies Twiiter icon    Twiiter icon 
Favorites Twiiter icon    Twiiter icon 
Tweet Clicks Twiiter icon    Twiiter icon 
Link Clicks   Google+ IconYouTube Icon  


To create and export an All Posts report, complete the following steps 

The Export button will export the currently shown report as

  • A Comma Separated Value (CSV) file
  • A Tab Separated Value (TSV) file


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