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Admin Request: Dashboard/Dashboard Component

Knowledge Article Number 000230664

Information needed to create a new Dashboard/Dashboard component.


Admin Request: Dashboard/Dashboard Component

1. Is this in production org or sandbox? Please specify sandbox name or Org ID.
2. Would you like us to contact you before proceeding with work, even if all the requirements are clear? We will always contact you if something needs further explanation.
3. Is the dashboard already created? If not, What is the name of the dashboard and which folder to save this dashboard
4. What is the name of the component? Example: Closed Cases this week
5. What is the type of the component (example: Chart, Gauge, Metric, Table)
6. What should be on the X-Axis and Y-Axis?
7. What is the source report name? (Which report should this component drill down to?)
8. Which dashboard and folder to save this component?

NOTE: All of our Configuration Case Templates can be accessed on our Premier Success Plans Tool kit.
Scroll down to the section “Customize Salesforce for your Business” | Find the tile “Configuration Case Templates” | Click "Download"
Or, click directly to the Configuration Case Templates.​

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