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Access limitation to all managed package apex classes for a and Platform license profile users

Knowledge Article Number 000230716
Description When a managed package is installed, it might have a number of apex classes and controller classes as elements. 
When there is a functionality which involves these apex classes, the running user profile should have access to it.
The Standard user license type profiles have automatic access to all these classes once included in the installation profile list. 
However, for and platform license type profiles, they do not get automatic access to these classes.

Suppose you are firing VF email templates based on time-based workflows and there is a managed package apex controller class involved. 
If you are running from a or a platform license type profile user, you will get an access error on the controller class. 
Resolution To make sure the or the platform license type profile user does not get the access error, we will have to add the package apex classes explicitly to the profile's enabled apex classes. More information on how to add it can be found here: Set Apex Class Access from Profiles

A point to note here is, in order to add the class in the Enabled Apex Classes list, the class needs to be global. 

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