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Winter '16 - "You cannot reuse a standard name" error message when trying to use certain words in the Rename Tabs and Labels

Knowledge Article Number 000230722
Description An error message will appear since Winter '16 when trying to use certain words on the Rename Tabs and Labels feature.

To reproduce this:
1. Click Setup | Customize | Tab Names and Labels | Rename Tabs and Labels
2. Click Edit on any Standard Tab.
3. Type Application (or Service) as Singular tab name and Applications (or Services) as Plural.
4. Click Next.

You'll see an error: Error: You cannot reuse a standard name.
Resolution This is currently working as designed. 
In this case Service/Services and Application/Applications are restricted words since Winter '16 and those objects are used internally. Unfortunately this means that you would need to use a different word to Rename the object. 

Product Management has acknowledged that this is not ideal and we will be working on having a sort of versioning system or, perhaps, rethinking the design and removing the restriction of using internal terms. This is a Safe Harbor statement and we can make no guarantees about what direction this would take or when this will be available, if at all.

For now you would need to either keep using the current Translation without maintaining them any further or change the term completely and plan a roll out to your users.

Update November '15: "Services" has been deemed as a Setup section and not an Internal Object so we should allow the changes. A patch is being developed and the word "Services" should be usable again soon, Safe Harbor. You can follow the progress of the Bug here: W-2800682.

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