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Salesforce for Outlook - Adding the Show Hide button in Outlook 2013 for Side Panel

Knowledge Article Number 000230737
This feature is not automatically enabled in Outlook 2013 when you install Salesforce for Outlook. In order to have the Show Hide button for the Side Panel you would need to manually add it in Outlook

Please follow the steps below if you'd like to have this button enabled in your Outlook 2013


These steps need to be performed after you install Salesforce for Outlook and to make sure Side Panel loads without any issues, then
1- In Outlook 2013 make sure you are on the Home tab ( you can use any tab you like but it is easier to have the Show/Hide button on the Home tab)
2- On the Home tab right click on a blank area (on the right side of the toolbar where there are no buttons or icons) on the toolbar and click on Customize the Ribbon...

User-added image

3- On the Outlook Options window,
from the left column under Choose commands from: drop down, select All Commands 

4- Next, on the right column under the Main Tabs click on the Home (Mail) and then click on the New Group button to create a new group under the Home (Mail)
5- The new group will be created as New Group (Custom) which is already high lighted, simply click on the Rename button and on the Rename pop up windows type in a name for it and click on OK.

In the screen shot below I have all the steps documented with numbers and named the button Side Panel.

6- Now on the left column scroll down and find the Show /Hide button and click on the Add >> button in the middle and click on Ok (You may see 2 Show /Hide command you can select either one or none, if you don't see the Show/Hide command try closing Outlook and restarting your computer or even reinstalling Salesforce for Outlook)

Salesforce for Outlook install diagram small
(Click to enlarge)

7- Once you click on the Add button you should see the new button under your newly created Group

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In order to start over and reverse your changes if you make any errors, click on the on the tab you made changes on the Outlook Options screen and then click on the Reset button in front of Customization: and from the Reset drop down select Reset only selected Ribbon tab

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