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Salesforce1- How to Allow Users to Access the App Using Permission Sets

Knowledge Article Number 000230821
Description To quickly provide multiple Users with the access needed to log in to the Salesforce1 downloadable application on their devices, a System Administrator can create a Permission Set containing all of the necessary permissions. Once created, this Permission Set can easily be assigned to the desired Users to provide them with access to the app without editing multiple User Profiles.
Resolution 1. From the full Salesforce site, go to Setup| Manage Users| Permission Sets| New 
(In Lightning Experience, you will want to go to Setup Home| Users| Permission Sets| New)
2. On the resulting page, create a name for the Permission Set and select Salesforce as the User license, then click Save. 
3. Next, click on the 'System Permissions' section, then click Edit on the next page. From the Edit screen, check the 'API Enabled' checkbox and click Save. 
4. Now, you will want to go back to the Permission Set Overview, click on the 'Assigned Connected Apps' section, then click Edit on the resulting screen. Once on the Edit page, check the 'Salesforce1 for iOS', 'Salesforce1 for Android', and 'Salesforce1 for Windows' checkboxes as needed to allow access to the downloadable application across the different device types, then click Save. 
5. Once your changes have been saved, return to the Permission Set Overview screen and click on the 'Manage Assignments' button.
6. From here, click the 'Add Assignments' button and on the resulting screen, select all of the Users you would like to assign this new Permission Set to, then click Assign. 
7. Once assigned, click Done to return to the Assigned Users list, and all of the selected Users have the permissions needed to log in to Salesforce1 from their devices.

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