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Marketing Cloud - SMSi/MobileConnect - SMS/MMS Immediate Subscription Update

Knowledge Article Number 000230827

All SMS/MMS short or long codes will perform an automatic unsubscribe action in response to inbound text messages with the keyword STOP, QUIT, CANCEL, END, TERMINATE, or UNSUBSCRIBE.



If an end-user texts one of these five keywords to your short or long code, the subscription status for their phone number will be toggled from “Opted-In” to “Opted-Out”. This will occur without your taking any action within Marketing Cloud. An unsubscribe message must still be created within the Marketing Cloud user interface in order to return a confirmation text message to the end-user after the unsubscribe action occurs. 

Salesforce Marketing Cloud users continue to maintain the ability to create unsubscribe messages with any available keywords alongside STOP, QUIT, CANCEL, END, TERMINATE, and UNSUBSCRIBE.

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