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Salesforce for Outlook Side Panel shows an error message: "h" is not a number

Knowledge Article Number 000230834
Description If the user has installed or upgraded to Salesforce for Outlook version 2.9.1 or later, they may receive the error message in the Side Panel: 
 "h" is not a number

As shown in the image below. This would also prevent displaying the related records in the side panel.
User-added image
Possible Root Cause
- User still using the older version of Internet Explorer i.e. Version 8 or lower
- Corrupted or misconfigured Internet Explorer settings

To be able to install and use the Salesforce for Outlook Side Panel and be able to add emails using the Side Panel you would need to have the Internet Explorer version 9 or later.

Refer to Salesforce for Outlook System Requirements.

Sometimes the IE files are corrupted or its settings are not setup or configured properly on your machine, so before going about uninstalling and reinstall IE we recommend applying the steps on the Optimal Settings for Internet Explorer Browser first and if the issue is not resolved then continue with the steps below on this knowledge article.

If your installed version of IE is not supported by SFO system requirements then we recommend upgrading to the supported versions. This could vary depending on your Windows version as well. You may need to reach out to your IT team or Microsoft for more help.

The easiest way would be to run Windows Update and let it download and install all the necessary updates. Again this is something that your IT department may have disabled to have more control on what is being installed on your computer so you would need to reach out to them.

If you do not have an IT department, you can follow the steps below to upgrade your IE.

You can use the following link to download the Internet Explorer versions:
Fast and fluid for Windows 7 - This will upgrade from IE 7 to IE 11 for Windows 7 users (if this link does not work you may need to search the Microsoft website or reach out to them)

This link has more options on downloading IE for different operating systems. 

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