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Marketing Cloud - SMSi/MobileConnect - Carrier Deactivation File Processing (US Short Codes Only)

Knowledge Article Number 000230835

Carrier Deactivation File Processing (U.S. short codes only) Some US wireless carriers produce daily files for phone numbers that have deactivated from their network or been ported from one carrier to another (e.g. Verizon to AT&T).  


Salesforce Marketing Cloud is implementing a feature that will, when a phone number is included within a carrier deactivation file, endeavor to toggle all SMS/MMS subscription statuses for that phone number from “Opted-In” to “Opted-Out” by a daily automation managed by Salesforce Marketing Cloud. This process applies to U.S. short codes only. Salesforce reserves the right to apply information from carrier deactivation files as described above in its sole discretion, but shall not be liable for any failure to do so.

Additionally, a new report within the Marketing Cloud Reports application will be available to display a daily and historic overview of the subscriptions updated within your account as a result of this process.  Report info can be found here

Help Document Link on Carrier Deactivation Files


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