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SMSi and MobileConnect Menuless STOP response

Knowledge Article Number 000230836

Menuless STOP was implemented in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud 2015-07 Release on October 30th, 2015 for all International Codes.  Sending STOP to any Sender Code will immediately unsubscribe/Opt-Out that Mobile Number.


For existing STOP messages created within Salesforce Marketing Cloud, the Unsubscribe action (Opt-Out) will be followed by one confirmation text message sent to the end-user. By default, the confirmation message will read, “You are unsubscribed from all messages on {code #}. Additional messages will not be received.”

Tip: This content may be edited from within Salesforce Marketing Cloud if you prefer different language. 

With the update, end-users attempting to unsubscribe from your SMS/MMS short or long codes will not use a keyword subscription menu. All new STOP messages created will allow for one confirmation text message.

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