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Performance testing FAQs

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Description Sometimes changes and customizations to your Salesforce implementation impact performance. Before going into production it may be wise to run sandbox performance tests. Because Salesforce is a multi-tenant environment, if you decide to test you’ll need to schedule this with Support so Salesforce can monitor activity levels.

Experienced test teams know how to design and evaluate performance tests based on the changes made. If you’re unfamiliar with performance analysis, check with your Account Executive on available Salesforce services, or find a qualified Partner to ensure the tests are properly designed, conducted and the results accurately predict production scalability.

Please note, Salesforce Support cannot design or interpret customer performance test results. Support's role is strictly to monitor test activity to ensure there are no issues with our services.

For more information about performance testing applications, please see our Salesforce Developers Blog post here:
Resolution Following are the most common questions and answers about customer performance testing:

My performance test was approved. Does that mean that Salesforce considers my scripts to be well-designed and valid?

Not necessarily. Salesforce does not:
  • Validate the testing methodology
  • Debug the testing scripts for errors
  • Confirm that the scripts will accurately test and reflect real-world scenarios of expected performance behavior in production.

Why can’t I just test on my own without prior approval?

Pre-approval of your testing regimen allows us to:
  • Ensure we have the necessary scheduling of our Site Reliability and Customer Centric Engineering team resources
  • Make them aware of any ongoing testing and communication details in case we need to throttle or block the testing. Unapproved testing is subject to throttling and blocking.
  • Preview the scripts and deny those that would degrade the performance on the instance.

What can I expect to receive from Salesforce during and after my approved performance testing?

Ours is purely a monitoring role to ensure that testing causes no issues with our services.

Salesforce Support does not provide or interpret results from any user testing. You are welcome to collect your own performance metrics. Should you need assistance with how best to do this, we encourage you to work with consultants who have expertise in this area.

Can I get server logs for my performance testing?

Salesforce does not provide overall metrics or server logs for the performance testing period.

However, if you have a very specific request for information such as:
  • The running / CPU time for a particular process at a given time for a particular user.
  • If an error is being received during the test and you need additional details to determine the nature of the error.

Under these circumstances, Salesforce can sometimes extract and provide a limited set of server log data to answer those specific questions. Additionally, MCS customers may be eligible to obtain more broad detailed results.

To request this information, we ask that you open a new support case that references your original case for the approved performance testing. Our team can review the request and assist you where we can.

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