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Email to Case not assigning the record type set in the email to case.

Knowledge Article Number 000230843
Description User sends emails to Email-to-Case Email Services Address or the Email-to-Case Routing Address to create cases in the Salesforce but the created cases are not assigned to the record type set in Email-to-Case Case Settings section

This is most probably due to the fact that the Email-to-Case routing address(es) are not verified and are in pending status.

Make sure that your Email-to-Case Routing Address is verified and it is not in Pending status since each Email-to-Case routing address has an assigned record type under Case Settings section as a default  

To fix this, login to your org with a Salesforce Administrator  
  • Click on Setup | Customize | Cases | Email to Case.
  • Click on Email-to-Case on the left and view all the Routing Addresses (you may need to click on Continue on the right pane after you click on the Email-to-Case link)
  • Scroll down and under Routing Addresses section 
  • On the list, find the problematic routing address and click on the name under Routing Name column
  • On the Email Address Detail page, click on [Verify] and click on Continue
  • Check the verification email on your mailbox for that routing email address and verify the email address. It should be in the form of a link for you to click on 
  • Now that the Routing Address is verified, try to reproduce the issue by sending an email to your Email-to-Case address and the record type should be assigned correctly


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