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Unable to horizontally scroll knowledge articles on mobile devices in a Community

Knowledge Article Number 000230845
Description When viewing a Knowledge Article from our published Community site on a mobile device, users are unable to horizontally scroll which makes the article difficult to read.
Even when previewing the 'Phone' layout in Community Builder the horizontal scroll bar does not appear.

There are two possible resolutions:

1.  Horizontal scroll bars are not something included when viewing the Community pages in Communities created before Winter '16. You can upgrade your Template using Community Builder to the Winter '16 version of the Template and use Lightning components to add this functionality.

Here is a link with an example code for customers to utilize after the upgrade is completed. 


2. The behavior that you are experiencing can occur when the article has HTML with fixed width. Sometimes when you copy paste the text from browser it copies all the styles and markup. That may be the reason why text is not wrapping. If you move forward and you remove all the hard coded widths from the HTML, the text should wrap.

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