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Users are not available when searching or adding to Opportunity Splits

Knowledge Article Number 000230873
Description I cannot see/search the user I want to add to the Opportunity Split even if the user is a member of the Opportunity Team already. Also even if it is not added as a member of the Opportunity Team, I should be able to search for the user as well.
Resolution For Opportunity Splits the lookup icon on the right side of the row will denote recently used Users you have added on the Opportunity Split. So if its the first time you will add the desired user to the split you wont see it right away using the lookup icon. Here is what you need to do, example you have a user with the name: Jon Snow.

1. On the Opportunity record, click on Edit Opportunity Split button under the Opportunity Split related list
2. Type Jon on the blank row wait for the initial suggestion to show then click on it, it will be similar to the search parameter "Jon"
3. Wait a while the search will show the exact match for "Jon Snow" then click on It. 
4. Then you can now click on Save button, if Jon Snow is already added on the Opportunity Team it will allow you to save, if not, then it will give you an error message that only Opportunity Team members can be added to the opportunity split.
5. The next time you will click on the Lookup icon for Opportunity Split user Jon Snow will appear on the recently used user list.

Note: This applies to IE, Chrome and Firefox browsers.

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