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Do exports count against my organization's storage limit?

Knowledge Article Number 000230889
Description Do exports of the assets in my organization count against my org's storage limit?
Resolution Assets themselves are counted against your organization's File Storage Limit, as described in this separate article.

In addition, any exports that exceed 100MB in size will be prepared and delivered asynchronously when an export request is made. When an export must be delivered asyncrhonously, the export .zip file is stored by Salesforce and counts against your organization's file storage limit.

The Assets files will currently expire from an organization on a 30-day basis and there is currently no way for customers to delete Assets export .zip files.

Please refer to the following Known Issue for additional information related to this behavior: W-2511674

If you are developing and exporting in a sandbox, one consequence of this behavior is that your sandbox storage limit may be reached if you perform multiple Assets exports within a 30-day period. 

This in turn can prevent additional Assets files from being added, and exports from being requested.

As noted in the Known Issue record linked above, if your data storage limit is reached with exports, please log a case with Salesforce Support for assistance.

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