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Quick Action fields must also be included on the Page Layout

Knowledge Article Number 000230891
When updating standard quick actions or creating custom actions to include fields to be updated at the same time, please make sure those fields also exist on the page layout and are accessible by the intended users. For example, fields included in the Change Status section of a Case page layout, under Setup | Customize | Cases | Page Layouts | Edit [next to the affected page layout] | Feed View | "Change Status Action Fields", must also be included on the page layout section.
Resolution If a user has access to a field on an object via Sharing Settings or Field Level Security, but the field is hidden from the user via Page Layout, then the user actually has no access to the field, and any implementation that may violate this can cause unpredictable behavior, including JavaScript errors, parts or all of the HTML page not rendering, related lists not loading, pop-up error messages, or actions not executing.

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