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Difference between Corporate Currency,Conversion Rates,Personal Currency,Active Currency,Inactive Currency,Record Currency?

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Description Terms associated with Currencies in Salesforce:

Corporate Currency, Conversion Rates, Personal Currency, Active Currency, Inactive Currency, Record Currency?
  • Corporate Currency
    The currency in which your organization’s corporate headquarters reports revenue. Serves as the basis for all currency conversion rates.
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              Understanding Language, Locale, and Currency

  • Conversion Rates
    The currency conversion rates between the corporate currency and the multiple currencies used by your organization. Your
    organization’s administrator maintains these rates.
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              Edit Conversion Rates

  • Personal Currency
    A user’s default currency for quotas, certain forecasting versions, and reports. This must be one of the active currencies for your organization. If you use Collaborative Forecasts, your quota amounts display in your display currency.
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              Set Your Personal or Organization-Wide Currency

  • Active Currency
    A currency in which your organization does business. Only active currencies can be entered in opportunities, forecasts, and other items.
  • Inactive Currency
    A currency that your organization no longer uses. You may have existing records that use inactive currencies, but you can’t enter new amounts using inactive currencies.
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               Activating and Deactivating Currencies

  • Record Currency
    The default currency for a record. Every record has a Currency field that specifies the currency type for amounts in that record.

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