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Live Agent Visitor Detail not showing results in Visited Pages section

Knowledge Article Number 000230899
Description The Live Agent Visitor Detail contains a section called Visited Pages. This section includes the URL for where the Visitor was prior to initiating the chat. The information is also shown to the agent in the incoming chat's notification. If this section is not populating with the URLs you are expecting, it's most likely because the webpage is not configured correctly. 
Resolution Keep in mind that pages are tracked as recently visited based on your visiting pages that have the Live Agent Deployment code "deployed" to the website. If you do not have the deployment code on a certain page and you are trying to capture it within the Visitor Details, it's not going to come through. Add the code to any pages you want to track. 

While the chat is in progress, the Current Page field on the Visitor Details page updates as the customer navigates to other webpages. This will continue to track and update as long as the visitor is going to webpages that contain the Live Agent Deployment code. 

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