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Success Insight: Marketing Cloud - PI Web Recommendations Best Practices

Knowledge Article Number 000230913

Predictive Intelligence Web Recommendations Best Practices

When using Predictive Intelligence to enhance your Web Recommendations - it is important to understand the why and the what. Why use recommendations on the different pages of your site and what scenarios should you be including, as they vary depending on the type of page.

As a best practice for using PI in your customers’ web experience - we suggest having recommendations live on at least 5 different types of pages. This will ensure that your customer is being recommended products, given their click/browse behavior, during a variety of interaction types with your site.

Just like any content or messaging to customers, we also recommend that you test different scenarios within your pages to ensure you are providing the most influential recommendations for your customers. 

6 Common Pages to Include Recommendations:
PageZone(s)Recommendations Per ZoneScenarios
Home13-4Bought Bought Last Cart
Recently Viewed
Last Views Merged
Most Popular (Top Sellers)
Top Views (Most Viewed)
Search or No Search Results13-4 
Search Bought
Searched View
Top Sellers
Category or Sub-category14-5
Category Bought
Category Viewed 
Top Sellers
Product (PDP) or Content Detail Page1-24-5 Per ZoneBought Bought
View Bought
View View
Top Sellers
Cart Page23-4 Per ZoneBought Bought Last Cart
View Bought Last Cart
View View Last Cart
Last Views Merged
Top Sellers
Confirmation Page13-4Bought Bought Last Purchase
View Bought Last Purchase
View View Last Purchase
Recently Viewed
Last Views Merged
Top Seller


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