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BEST PRACTICES: Marketing Cloud - PI Email Best Practices

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Predictive Intelligence Email Best Practices

When using Predictive Intelligence to enhance your Email Recommendations - it is important to understand the different ways recommendations can impact your email performance and what is the best scenarios to use given the type of send.

As a best practice for using PI in your customers’ email communication - we suggest having recommendations in 5 email campaigns per week. This will ensure that your customer is being recommended products, in a variety of emails they receive from your company. These emails can range from Welcome Emails, Marketing/Promotional to Abandoned Cart or Order Confirmation. 

Just like any content or messaging to customers, we also recommend that you test different scenarios within your emails to ensure you are providing the most influential recommendations for your customers. 

The first thing to think about is ‘How you shop’ or how your customer shops. What points along the purchase journey would recommendations help you make a decision or add on to a purchase? While thinking about this, it is important to have these experiences on your website but also be able to interact and provide recommendations after a customer has left.

As aforementioned, we recommend 5 marketing emails a week that include recommendations. These can be promotional or transactional emails in nature, both make great places to insert recs.

Some things to consider when creating your emails -
  • Using Past Purchases to Drive Recommendations -  Promoting complementary products | example: You just purchased a TV, here are HDMI cables and TV Stands.
  • Test your scenarios to ensure you have the best performing one for your customers
  • Set rules for your Scenarios to ensure any products or categories you want to show preference to are considered first. On the flip side, any products or categories you do not want to show can be excluded.
  • Top Product Marketing Hashes (these three are really useful if you send 3 or more marketing emails a week and you don't want them getting the same recs over and over again if they have no profile data)
    • Top Sellers Hash
    • Top Views Hash
    • Top Enjoyed Hash
Types of Emails (examples) - these suggestions are outside your commonly sent promotional emails that you can include recommendations
Promotional Messages:
  • Newsletter
  • Birthday or Anniversary Emails
  • Seasonal Promotions - Holidays, Back to School, New Year, etc.
  • Re-Engagement Campaigns
  • Order Confirmation
  • Order Cancellation
  • Shipping Confirmation
  • Delivery Confirmation
  • Product Review
When using PI in your emails - remember to consider how you shop and how your customers shops. What are those special items or recommendations that will increase the propensity to purchase or at the very least click and revisit your website.

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