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Setup Subtopics and Article Topics for a Community Template

Knowledge Article Number 000230926
Description Winter 16 Release Notes describe creating subtopics for Communities Structure Community Content with Subtopics
Customers may have trouble creating subtopics. Here are detailed steps on how to setup Subtopics.
Resolution Setting Up Subtopics and Article Topics in Communities
As mentioned in Release Notes for Winter 16:
Prerequisites: Community
Workbench Tools app in Chrome
Salesforce Knowledge Enabled 
Initial Setup:
  1. Create a Knowledge Article Type from Setup -> Customize -> Knowledge -> Knowledge Article Types
  2. Enable Topics for Objects on that Article Type
    • Setup -> Customize -> Topics -> Topics for Objects
  3. Check Enable Topics for the Article Type name you created
  4. Set up Data Categories
    • Setup -> Customize -> Data Categories -> Data Category Setup
  5. Create new Category Group and add a child category if needed and Activate Category Group
  6. Create a Navigational or Featured Topic in Community Management
  7. Community Management -> Topics -> Navigation Topics OR Community Management -> Topics -> Featured Topics
  8. Create a Subtopic
    • Community Management -> Topics -> Topic Management -> New
Setting Up Subtopics:
  1. Log in to the Workbench app and use API version 35 or higher.
  2. Get CommunityId and copy it to your notes
  3. Info -> Metadata Types & Components -> Network -> Components -> [Community name]
  4. Open this reference:
  5. Copy the resource URL 
  6. Navigate to REST Explorer in Workbench. Utilities -> REST Explorer
  7. Paste resource URL after “/services/data/v35.0”
  8. Replace communityId in the URL with your Community Id and Click Execute
  9. Open returned managedTopics folder
  10. Open the folders inside until you find your Navigational/Featured Topic name
  11. Copy the id for your Topic to your notes, this is the parentId
    • managedTopics -> [Item #] -> id
  12. Remove “managed-“ from the URL and click Execute
    • …/communityId/topics
  13. Select your Topic to become a Subtopic and copy the id to your notes, this is the recordId
    • Topics -> [topic name] -> id
  14. Select the POST radio button in REST Explorer
  15. Add “managed-“ back to the URL
    • …/communityId/managed-topics
  16. Copy the code from the Managed Topics resource for “JSON example using recordId”
  17. Paste in Request Body adding your parentId and recordId, then click Execute
  18. Fix the quotation mark after parentId
    • "parentId should be "parentId"
  19. Open Community Builder and select your Navigational or Featured Topic to see results
  20. Note: Community must be published to show these changes outside of Community Builder
  21. Assign articles to topics in Community Management -> Topics -> Article Management
  22. Be sure to add the correct Data Category and Group when creating Articles.

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