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Chatter Feed Tracking does not track updates via Data Loader and Data Import Wizard

Knowledge Article Number 000230932
Description Chatter Feed Tracking can be enabled for objects and records, so users see updates for the objects and records they follow in their Chatter feed. However, updates via Data Loader and Data Import Wizard do not show up in Chatter Feed Tracking.
Resolution Data Loader and Data Import Wizard update operations do not show up in Chatter Feed Tracking by design.  Currently, there is no way to enable Chatter Feed Tracking with Data Loader nor Data Import Wizard.

Please consider voting and commenting on the Idea, DataLoader - disable Chatter feed tracking so that we may see the ability to toggle this feature on or off with standard Data Loader functionality with a future release.

Other Salesforce API tools that allow DisableFeedTrackingHeader can be leveraged to allow API updates to create Chatter Feed Tracking entries.  One possible workaround is to leverage a tool such Workbench.  Please see Workbench website for caveats and details but here are the high level steps for quick reference:

1. Go to workbench
2. Go to
3. Make sure “Disable Feed Tracking” = unchecked
4. Go to Update to make updates on specific object.

NoteSalesforce does not provide support for Workbench features or functionality, see Workbench Support for more details. This information is provided as a courtesy and to serve as general guidelines for customers.

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