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Best Practices: Marketing Cloud - Making Changes to your Topic Profile in the Social Studio

Knowledge Article Number 000230985

A Topic Profile can be created in the Admin section or from the Analyze module during the creation of a Social Listening Summary in Social Studio. Topic Profiles originally created in the Radian6 Analysis Dashboard must be assigned to a Workspace before any changes can be made within the Workspace.

Topic Profiles created in the Radian6 Analysis Dashboard will be imported and set to private. Only Full Users that are members of a workspace where the imported Topic Profiles are added will be able to see the imported Topic Profiles.

There are two ways to edit a profile within the Social Studio.

  1. From the Admin section, select Manage under Topic Profiles. Select the Topic Profile you would like to edit and make the necessary changes to your configuration. 
  2. From Analyze, when creating a Social Listening Summary. Select + Create New. Select social Listening Summary. From the list of available Profiles, click >, make the necessary changes to your keywords and filters.
Things to consider when making changes to your profile:
  • All changes that are made to the profile will also be apparent to all other users who use this profile. 
  • Any change made to the profile will alter the Estimated Monthly Volume. 
  • Changes made will update your Engage columns and Social Listening Summary's in real-time.
  • Changes in the Social Studio will be apparent in the Radian6 Analysis Dashboard


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