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Dataflow Error "None of requested fields is available" in Wave Analytics

Knowledge Article Number 000230991
Description The sfdcDigest transformation extracts data from Salesforce objects. If a sfdcDigest node includes only the Id field, it will return the following error:

Error executing node sfdcDigest_Node: None of requested fields is available

This is expected behaviour. There's no reason to digest only an Id. If it is being used as a key for an augment, then additional fields need to be digested to make the augment worthwhile. As the digest transformation has a resource cost (a query is generated and API calls are used), the system requires that more than just the Id field is extracted to avoid expending unnecessary resources.

Retrieve the dataflow JSON

1. Gear Icon > Data Monitor
2. Change view to Dataflow View
3. Click the dropdown options on the right side and select Download
4. Open the resulting file in your favorite JSON editor

Review and correct the specified node

The sfdcDigest_Node will appear similar to this:
"sfdcDigest_Node": {
    "action": "sfdcDigest",
    "parameters": {
      "fields": [ 
      ​   "name": "Id" 
      ​   } 
If the node is necessary, you can include additional fields in the node.
If the node is unnecessary, you can remove it from the dataflow definition file.
Either way, be sure to update any related nodes as needed.

Upload the corrected Dataflow Definition

1. Gear Icon > Data Monitor 
2. Change view to Dataflow View 

3. Click the dropdown options on the right side and select Upload
4. Locate and select the modified definition file

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