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Auto-search does not display the case number in SFO sidepanel

Knowledge Article Number 000231005
Description When you select an email from the Inbox in Outlook, the Salesforce Side Panel displays related Salesforce case details.
You will see the subject of the case, status, priority, and Date / Time Opened. The case number is NOT included in the auto search.

Auto Search View
When you’re viewing details that appear in the Salesforce Side Panel, you may want to see additional details. Search results display additional details including the case number and case owner when searching for cases.
  1. From Outlook, select an email for which you want to display additional Salesforce records.
  2. In the side panel, click User-added image
  3. Type your search term. For example, the subject of the case you are most interested in.
  4. Click the search icon to display Salesforce records related to your search term.

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