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Lightning for Outlook Login Error "Salesforce is not setup to work with your Exchange server"

Knowledge Article Number 000231006
When logging into Lightning for Outlook you may see this error:  We encountered a problem. Contact your administrator and mention that Salesforce is not setup to work with your Exchange server.

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This error is caused by having the wrong Exchange Metadata URL in your Lightning For Outlook settings in your Salesforce org.

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If you are using a on Premise Exchange 2013 you will need to obtain the "Exchange Metadata URL" from your Exchange server.

Please use the Lightning for Outlook Debug Tool to identify the Exchange Metadata URL needed

1. Take the " Metadata URL"  displayed in the Lighting for Outlook Debug Tool and add it to the Exchange Metadata URL field in Salesforce and click the Save button to apply the changes.  

2. Also add the domains that pertain to your Exchange by clicking on the New button under the Microsoft® Outlook® Web App Whitelist options and click  on Save 

If the Data for the fields does not populate try using a different browser.

Now try Lightning for Outlook Again

1. Log back into your Outlook and select an email to load the Salesforce button
2. Click on the Salesforce button 
3. The App will prompt you to login, click on the Log in to Salesforce blue button
4. The Salesforce login page will open up in the browser, enter your credential and login

* If clicking on the blue Log in to Salesforce button does not open the page you can apply the IE optimal settings article and try again

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