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How to create Report to display count of Opportunities created out of Lead conversion?

Knowledge Article Number 000231023
Description How to create the Report that will display the count of Opportunities that were created out of Lead conversion?.
Resolution The Report type "Leads with converted Lead information" stores the information about the Leads that are converted and their resultant Account,Contact & Opportunity . Using this Report type we can create the Report to display statistic about "How many Lead were converted /Out of converted Leads how many Opportunities were created" ,below are the steps:-

1) Create a Report selecting Report type as "Leads with Converted Lead Information".(Tabular Format)

2) Drag the Converted Date & Converted (Checkbox field)

3) Change the Report type to "Joined Format".

4) Again drag the Converted Date & Converted (Checkbox Field ) right after the First Block to create the Second Block.

5) Group the Report by Converted Date field and again Group it by Month.

6) For the First block add 2 filters a) Converted equals True 2) Opportunity owner not equals Null (This will show the record count of all Opportunities created of Lead conversion).

7) In the second block add filter as "Converted Equals True" (This will show the record count of Converted Leads).

8) Rename the Second block as "Converted Lead Record count".

9) Rename the First block as "Opportunity Record count".

10) Add Chart to the Report and set the values as follows:-

a) X-Axis:- Converted Lead Record count
b) Y-Axis:- Converted Date
c) Plot additional values and select "Opportunity Record Count".

11) Run the Report.

Note:- Do not forget to Hide the details in the Report to have better view of the statistic.

IF you want to display the "%Of Opportunity created", Create the Cross block Summary Formula field and use Formula as :-

Block 1 Record Count/Block 2 record count.

Note:- Select the Return type for formula as Percent.

To create the Dashboard out of the Joined Report ,below are the steps:-

1) Drag the Chart component in the canvas
2) Drag the Joined Report created and put in the Chart. (Ignore the error message)
3) Click on "Spanner" icon 
4) On the top of the Popup,enable checkbox "Use chart as defined in source report".

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