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Add Geocode Information to Record Page Layouts

Knowledge Article Number 000231046
Description Geocode information fields--latitude, longitude, and accuracy--are available for each address on accounts, contacts, and leads. However, these fields can't be directly added to page layouts. Have no fear for there's an easy workaround! Using custom formula fields, you can see geocode information right on records!
User Permissions Needed
To customize page layouts:"Customize Application"
To view page layouts:"View Setup"
To create custom fields:"Customize Application"
Resolution Let's check out how to add geocode information to lead page layouts. The geocode fields on leads are associated with the Address field. 

1. Create a custom field for Leads called "Address_Latitude."
  • Data Type: "Formula"
  • Formula Return Data Type: "Number" (with 4 decimal places)

2. Enter the formula.
  • Use the Advanced Formula tab
  • Click "Insert Field," and enter the "Latitude" field

3. Add the field to your page layouts.

4. Repeat the above steps for "Address_Longitude."

5. Create a custom field called "Address_Accuracy."
  • Data Type: "Formula"
  • Formula Return Data Type: "Text"

6. Enter the formula.
  • Use the Advanced Formula tab
  • Type "Text ()"
  • In the parentheses (), insert the "GeocodeAccuracy" field.

7. Add the field to your page layouts.

That's it for the Address field on leads! Now the geocode information associated with Address is visible on lead records. Repeat the same steps to add geocode information to the page layouts for accounts and contacts. Accounts have two address fields, and there are three associated geocode information fields (latitude, longitude, and accuracy rating) for each address. 

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