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Let Your Users Prospect for Contacts in Salesforce1

Knowledge Article Number 000231050
As of Winter '16, the Get Contacts for Salesforce1 AppExchange package is no longer being supported. Organizations that have already installed the package may encounter issues when using newer devices and operating systems. Support for the package is no longer available and no updates to the package are planned. 

The Get Contacts for Salesforce1 AppExchange package lets your Salesforce1 users quickly add new contacts for accounts while on their phone or tablet. It’s a great way to expand networks and find new customers while on the go.

You need to install the package for your organization and complete a few setup steps in the full Salesforce site. Then, any users with a Prospector license can get started adding new contacts simply by tapping Get Contacts on an account record and selecting which contacts to add.

The package does not:
  • Allow users to add contacts as leads.
  • Populate the Lead Source field for any added contacts. As a result, you may have to adjust any triggers, workflow rules, and other automation based on this field.
  • Respect your organization’s Duplicate Preferences. This means users will not be allowed to add duplicate contacts to Salesforce.
  • Show which records have already been purchased, which is usually indicated by a blue checkmark (). Users will not lose a credit for adding an already purchased contact.
User Permissions Needed
To install packages:"Download AppExchange Packages"
To customize layouts:"Customize Application"
To add contacts:"Create" on contacts
  1. Go to the Get Contacts for Salesforce1 package on the AppExchange. 
  2. Click Get It Now.
  3. Install the package. 
  4. Add the ddc_mobilecard_account Visualforce page to the Mobile Cards (Salesforce1 only) area of the account page layouts used by users.
  5. Edit the properties for the ddc_mobilecard_account Visualforce page you added. Change the Height to 55.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Save changes to the layout.
  8. Let your users know that they can get contacts for an account in Salesforce1.

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