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Wave Analytics - Unable to Delete Lens

Knowledge Article Number 000231054
Description In some situations, generally as a result of manually migrating or modifying a Lens, the "state": parameter will be left blank. This will prevent the delete operation from running on that Lens.

This manifests in two possible ways after clicking Delete on a Lens:

A. Nothing appears to happen, the Lens is not deleted.

B. An application error "UNKNOWN_EXCEPTION" occurs.
Resolution To resolve this, you'll need to manually edit the Lens JSON. Follow these steps to do so:

1. Access the Lens metadata screen: In Wave, replace "explore.apexp" in the URL with "lens.apexp"

2. Select the correct Lens in the Lenses list. Note: this list will also include Dashboards. 

3. Note the "visualizationType": in the Lens field (where it displays the JSON). This will be something like "hbar", "hdot", "pie" or any of the other visualizations.

4. Scroll to the bottom of the Lens field (where it displays the JSON). You'll likely see the following line: 

a. You may see the following line: 

"state": {}, 

Change this to the following: 

"state": {"type": "VisualizationType"}, 
where VisualizationType is the value noted in step 3

b. You may find the "state": parameter is populated, but is missing "type":.

Add the following into the "state": parameter:

"type": "VisualizationType"
where VisualizationType is the value noted in step 3

5. Click "update lens". 

6. Switch back to the Wave Analytics home screen: Replace "lens.apexp" in the URL with "explore.apexp"

7. Force a page refresh. 

8. Click into the target lens. 

9. Click the trashcan icon (Delete). 

10. Click Delete on the Warning! message.

If this does not resolve the issue, please submit a Support Case.

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