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Pro Bono Services

Are you a Nonprofit organization or Higher Education Institute that could you use a little help from a Salesforce expert? Our employees and partners have the skills you need. For well-defined projects, we can match you with a volunteer to provide Pro Bono assistance. For general consulting help, we can refer you to our network of consulting partners. 

Resolution Pro Bono Service Program

Our Pro Bono Program aims to match nonprofits and higher education institutions with Salesforce professionals to maximize their Salesforce implementation and transform their organization. All nonprofit organizations with a live instance (not a trial) of Salesforce can apply.

How to Apply

1.) To begin the application process you will need to select the appropriate link below that you feel your organization needs Pro Bono Service help with (if you choose Salesforce you will need to make sure that you first log into the Power of Us Hub, if you have never done this before please click here before clicking below):
Salesforce                                                  Marketing Cloud

2.) You will need to complete the application on the link above that you choose. Please keep in mind that this application does not guarantee that will be able to match your organization with a volunteer. By filling out the application this helps understand your organizations' need for Pro Bono services, helps set expectations, track impact, and allows participation in evaluations.

Typical Pro Bono Service Application Process Timeline

1.) Today (approx 1-6 weeks)***
You fill out the Pro Bono Services application. then automatically receives your application and you will receive an email confirmation (this may take up to a few minutes. If you do not receive the reply please check your spam box).

********** If you have already submitted a case with Salesforce Technical support regarding Pro Bono Services we kindly ask you at this point to close out the case with them as Pro Bono Services is not a part of Technical Support and is considered "Out-of-Scope".*************

2.) Consultation (1-2 weeks).
Salesforce consultant will discuss your project and ensure it's articulated well. You will then receive an email when a consultant has been assigned.

3.) Volunteers (3-6 weeks)
We will open your project to our cadre of volunteers, and hope that it's picked up (please remember that in the application you submit that you are specific in what you need, as this can help your project get picked up by a volunteer). You will receive an email when someone volunteers (sometimes projects are not picked up).

4.) Project Engagement (10-20 hours of Volunteer Pro Bono Help)
A volunteer will reach out to you and does so out of their goodness volunteering over time to help you with your project. They will communicate with you (email/phone) to set expectations and ask questions. Please make yourself available when they reach out to you.

5.) Closure (Final Week)
The Volunteer completes the project (Hooray!). Once this is done you will receive a message asking for feedback on your experience. Please let us know how we did.

***Please Note: The time period stated can be longer, as filling out the application does not guarantee that will be able to match your organization with a volunteer. There are other Pro Bono services outside of Salesforce which may be able to help your Nonprofit or Higher Education should Pro Bono services be unable to. For more on this click on the link below, scroll down the page, and there in the section "More Options" you will see 4 other websites where you can post your request:

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