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SUCCESS INSIGHTS: Marketing Cloud - Using Campaigns to Organize your Marketing Cloud

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Using Campaigns to Organize your Marketing Cloud

What is a Campaign?

The campaign feature can be an effective tool to organize and manage your assets and emails within the Marketing Cloud application. Since this tool works with all channels, it lives ‘above’ the tools in the navigation bar. Just hover over the cloud and navigate to Campaigns at the top of your browser.

Why Use Campaigns?

By creating campaigns and associating them with emails you also have the ability to report on the success of an entire campaign. This can be a great way to gather metrics for a dedicated marketing effort (campaign) and also easily be able to pull YOY metrics around annual campaigns.

Tips for Creating Campaigns

  • Create Campaigns based on the different types of sends you do. For example if you have a Newsletter that you send out, creating a ‘Newsletter’ Campaign will allow you to associate assets to it and also track Newsletter metrics.

  • You can associate lists, data extensions, automations and 11 other cross channel objects. By using associations you are able to:

    • organize the associations needed to execute a campaign
    • plan messaging in the short and long-term future
    • act as parameters for analytics around a marketing objective
  • Giving Campaigns descriptions will help create clarity and consistency. Even though this is an optional field, it is important to detail what parameters fall into the campaign to allow other users transparency.
  • The tags feature enables marketers to categorize campaigns using multiple criteria.  Tags can be used to categorize on any criteria such as geography, marketing tactic, product line, etc. For example, each campaign for a monthly newsletter can have the tag “newsletter.”  The analytics for all of the campaigns with the “newsletter” tag can then be aggregated together in Reports.

Campaign Associations - below are the 14 items you can associate to your campaigns

  • Email
  • Triggered Send
  • Mobile Message
  • Push Message
  • Twitter Update
  • Facebook Update
  • Facebook Tab
  • Sites
  • Landing Pages
  • Subscriber List
  • Subscriber Group
  • Data Extension
  • Automation
  • Event

Campaign Reporting - there are multiple reports you have access to within the Data & Analytics view. You can use these to measure the effectiveness and metrics of your various campaigns.

  • Campaign Email Job Tracking Summary this shows email tracking data for each job associated with the selected campaign. 
  • Campaign Email Tracking Report - the displays the send tracking data around a specific campaign.
  • Campaign Email Tracking Summary - this report shows the email tracking data for each email associated to a selected campaign. If an email is sent in multiple jobs, the tracking data for each job is summarized by email.
  • Campaign Process Analytics Detail Report - this shows key workflow metrics for each Campaigns whose Deployment data is in the selected range. You can use this to evaluate effectiveness, throughout and bottlenecks of the approval process.

Campaigns can be a simple solution to help you organize or can be an in-depth solution that adds layers of information to your email sends and assets to improve the organization of your Marketing Strategy.

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