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BEST PRACTICES: Marketing Cloud – Administrative Governance in the Social Studio

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Administrative Governance in the Social Studio

When logging in to the Social Studio for the first time as a (Super User/ Full User?), you will be prompted to create a new Workspace. Before considering how to build your workspace, it is important to define Organization (tenant) wide settings.
It is important to define a governance plan for Tenant Level Management before creating Workspaces as many important settings are defined at the tenant level.
The Social Studio allows for multi-level administration as noted below.
Tenant Level Administrator
This user will be responsible for the high level, organization wide settings. It is important to note that this user will define the following:
  • Add Users, assign Tenant level user rights (Full User, Dashboard User)
  • Confirm Time zone for the Organization, AND/OR per User
  • Add Social Accounts
  • Construct Macros (Publish and Engage)
  • Add Topic Profiles
Workspace Level Administrator
The Workspace Level Admin will create a workspace upon configuration of the organization settings.  Workspace users are responsible for the configuration of their Workspace and will define the following:
  • Name Workspaces
  • Assign Social Accounts
  • Assign users and Workspace level user rights (Permissions)
  • Assign Topic Profiles
  • Add Approval Rules (Publish)
  • Assign Macros (Publish and Engage)
  • Add account
Changes to the Workspaces can be made at any time by the respective Workspace owner in the Workspace Settings section.
Best Practices
Define tenant level admin as well as Workspace level admin. A tenant level admin can also manage Workspaces, however, it is suggested that the Workspace admin be active in the workspace to make any necessary changes.  
Review and refine workspaces on a quarterly basis to ensure all approval rules and permissions are following you business processes. 

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