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SUCCESS INSIGHTS: Marketing Cloud - Tagging Posts in the Social Studio

Knowledge Article Number 000231141
Description You can use the Social Studio label section to categorize conversation or posts based on common themes that emerge. Tags can be applied manually to posts in the post inspector in the Engage App.
In order to make tagging more efficient, it is a best practice to create Engagement Macros. Engagement Macros enable you to create a pre-defined set of actions (classifications, sentiment, labels etc.) to multiple posts at the same time.

When posts have been tagged, they can be viewed in the Analysis Dashboard by viewing “by post tag”, or segmenting “by classification”.
Tagging Best Practices
  • When you’ve selected the post you are looking to tag, from the post inspector, you can manually add sentiment, classification and post labels. You can also delete a post by clicking the eye icon in the lower right hand corner of the post.
  • You can click multiple posts at once by clicking on the post + Ctrl or Command on a Mac.
  • Tag more than one post at once by choosing the top post, scrolling down and clicking the last post + shift.
  • Apply post labels, sentiment, and classification consistently to satisfy your reporting strategy. 
Engagement Macro Best Practices
  • Use Macros when applying multiple actions to a post or set of posts.
  • Engagement Macros can be created by a Super User or by a Full User from the Organization Admin Settings.
  • Engagement Macros can be applied to multiple workspaces to allow for consistency across the organization.

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