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Success Insights: Marketing Cloud - Web Collect Forms

Knowledge Article Number 000231150
Description Success Insights: Web Collect forms

What is a Web Collect Form? - Web Collect is the Marketing Cloud's sign up form functionality that allows your subscribers to subscribe, provide attribute information, or unsubscribe from your communications on your website.

Why Use Web Collect?  -
Web Collect forms allow you to slowly build a profile around your subscriber. Use this tool to mimic how you would engage with someone in real life. You first learn their name, maybe some high level information and the more you engage with them the more you learn and can use for future messaging. Digital Marketing can be made as personal as person-to-person interactions and the Web Collect tool can be leveraged to start those personal conversations. Below are the general functions the web collect tool can perform.
  • Allow your website visitors to subscribe to your email publications and thus be added to the appropriate subscriber lists in your account.
  • Allow your existing subscribers to unsubscribe from your email publications and thus be removed from the appropriate subscriber lists in your account.
  • Allow your existing subscribers to update the profile data that you maintain for them in your account.
  • Ensure that all data entered by your website visitors into the Web Collect form will be valid when saved to your account.
  • Capture errors encountered by your website visitors in this process and display friendly messages to your visitors.
Examples of Uses - Web Collect can allow you to go beyond subscribe/unsubscribe management. This tool can help solve some business needs to collect data or confirmation from your subscribers. 
  • Create a list of subscribers that agree to a change in a policy or other operational needs
  • Create a list of subscribers to receive special promotions or to join an 'insiders club"
  • While implementing a birthday campaign - collecting your subscribers birthday
  • Allow subscribers to select predefined product or item preferences to their record for more targeted messages
  • Collecting communication preference of your customers (email vs mobile)
  • Learn more about your customer and their attributes (show size, occupation, etc)
  • Inquire about future interests - what do they want to know more about, or what other products do they have additional interest in?
  • For Non-Profits - learning about their connection to your cause, or understand about how they would like to be involved with your organization
  • Using it for social opt-ins - a "we know you follow us, why not connect with us in your inbox too' type of message on your social pages can increase list size
  • For the travel industry - "Where do you want to go next?" This information can be heavily used to target hotels, flights, events in their favorite destinations

There are many more use cases for Web Collect forms but this is a good start to get your mind working. If you have struggled with static subscriber data, this is a great tool to enhance and grow your insights on your customers to ensure you are sending the right message to the right person at the right time.

For Web Collect Requirements visit our Wiki page: Click Here

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