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BEST PRACTICES: Marketing Cloud - Adding Facebook Coverage to your Social Listening

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Adding Facebook Coverage to your Social Listening

If you are looking to retrieve keyword based matches from Facebook Pages, you will be required to create Source Groups containing these Pages.

This new feature will allow users to add specific Facebook pages as sources to Social Studio. Once added as sources, these pages will be available for keyword-based search and analysis. Using Facebook Page Listening, you can configure your topic profiles to include all public posts, comments and replies from company pages and group pages.

Source Groups can be created by Admin-Only, Super Users and Full Users and are created at the tenant level from the administration settings. Upon creation of your Source Group, they can then be applied to your Topic Profiles in each Workspace. 

Source Group Best Practices

  • Source Groups created in Radian6 Analysis Dashboard can be viewed and/or edited in Social Studio and those created in Social Studio can be viewed and/or edited in Radian6 Analysis Dashboard.
  • Source Groups can be Public or Private but cannot be shared to another workspace.
  • Source Groups can be altered at any-time, it is recommended to update Source Groups when adding a new page rather than create a new Source Group.

If you are looking to pull in content from a specific Facebook page or pages in order to add the mentions to your topic profile results, follow the steps below:

1. Create a Source Group
2. Add Facebook Pages to your Source Group
3. Save the Source Group
4. DO NOT apply to Source Group to your profile. By creating the source filter, we will begin to harvest content from these pages.
5. Moving forward, any keyword searches will pull content from these Facebook sources AND all other sources.

There are multiple formats that work to add Facebook company pages to your source groups. Listed below, the first is the preferred format but existing source groups containing entries in the other formats will work as well. When adding new pages to source groups please use the first (preferred format) to ensure that we get information for your pages as soon as possible.

Preferred Format


Alternate Formats:



Source Group Management

  1. Access Admin settings.
  2. Select either Source Groups from the Admin menu or Manage within the Source Groups block.
  3. Either add newedit existing or deleting existing Source Groups.

View Source Group Documentation for additional information on this topic.

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